Thursday, 30 April 2020 15:16

WearCheck awarded SPM dealership rights

WearCheck, are proud to announce a partnership with Swedish condition monitoring instrument manufacturers, SPM.

The full SPM range features portable condition monitoring products, online systems, maintenance tools, technologies and expertise, all using techniques that help customers to achieve the highest possible uptime of critical assets – an approach which dovetails perfectly with WearCheck’s.

WearCheck’s technicians have been trained to use, apply and install the SPM equipment, which performs many reliability solutions techniques, including vibration measurement and analysis, balancing, orbit analysis and laser shaft alignment, bearing and pulse checking, lubrication assessment and root cause analysis.

Scientific lubrication programme saves money

Tough economic times dictate that companies need a thrifty approach to maintenance, without compromising on quality. By lubricating scientifically, in other words utilising condition monitoring technology to tell you if you need to lubricate, rather than relying on a time-based programme, plants will definitely create cost savings. This is a simple process done with SPM’s BearingChecker and Vibchecker as your first line of defence.

Online monitoring guards assets 24/7

A lack of on-site manpower to conduct condition monitoring does not mean that this is an opportunity for machinery to fail. Rather, WearCheck and SPM now have top-of-the range online guarding solutions in the form of the SPM Intellinova range of online condition monitoring units, which combine wired and wireless (Airius) platforms into one cloud-based/on-site server application.

Super supportive software

SPM’s Condmaster software - the unique platform via which all the SPM devices interact - supports the full product range including handheld devices for measuring vibration data, alignment and balancing.

The software also governs online systems for continuous monitoring, such as wired multichannel systems and wireless monitoring systems, as well as supporting external user directories such as Microsoft Azure AD and REST API. The software offers a wide range of connectivity options, perfect for smart factories and Industry 4.0 environment.

As per the distribution agreement, WearCheck will provide full technical support and sales for SPM instruments in the following countries in which WearCheck operates – South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

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