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WearCheck pioneers condition monitoring app

WearCheck’s brand new interactive customer application (app) was launched recently and has been well received by customers so far.

WearCheck is one of only a handful of condition monitoring companies in the world, and possibly the first in Africa, to develop and launch an app of this nature, according to managing director Neil Robinson.

How to get the app

As a WearCheck customer, you can download WearCheck Mobile right now, for free.

The app is compatible with both Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices, and is available on Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Simply type “WearCheck Mobile” into the search bar to locate the app, or click here if you have an Apple device and click here if you have an Android device.  

The app is only about 40mb in size, so it won’t kill your data usage when you download it, and it uses minimal data when in use.

Why download the app?

Well, it gives you fingertip access via your mobile device, to a host of critical information pertaining to machinery condition. This data is immediately available even while patrolling the factory floor or inspecting mining machinery on-site.

It is no longer necessary to wait until returning to a desktop computer to view test results, and maintenance decisions can be made there and then based on live data.

We are confident that the app will substantially improve the benefits that you, our customers, receive from your condition monitoring programme by allowing you to make virtually instantaneous maintenance decisions based on reliable data which is highly accessible.

Using the app is straightforward as its design is intuitive and logical, allowing for ease of use by all generations. The design is an extension of WearCheck’s website look and feel, so the WearCheck branding lends a sense of familiarity.

What are the app’s capabilities?

Customers can access reports and view their current samples list. As an optional feature, this keeps track of unread web/app reports, and notifications about items on this list are sent out as reminders.

Sample reports can be viewed on the mobile device as either one page (“concise”), or two page (“full”) pdf documents. Single or multiple pdf reports can be emailed to different recipients simultaneously.

Sample data can be submitted, either via the equipment/component search option (recommended), or via the “submit samples” option, where equipment/component verification is needed for currently-listed machinery. Where applicable, new equipment/components information is created in the WearCheck system. Customers can also view their five-day submission history.

One of the highlights and unique features of the app is the interactive key, where customers can ask a diagnostician about a specific sample, and receive an emailed reply on their mobile device.’

Another useful feature is the ability to enter feedback about a sample result, component condition or maintenance event.

Various search options and filters are available, including sample history and equipment or component searches.

Secure data

All data is secure on the app, and the login process uses the same username/password credentials as our WearCheck Online website. Those customers registered on the website can start using the app immediately.

Need further help?

For more information, please contact WearCheck software support on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  +27 31 700 5460