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Oiling the way for smooth communication on 14 March 2018, 08.36
Oiling the way for smooth communication
As WearCheck’s footprint extends across many African borders, we encounter countries where English is not the predominant business language, and as part of our good business practice ethic, we do what we can to facilitate effective communication with our customers. To this end, we have recreated o...
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A well-trained workforce boosts profits on 02 March 2018, 15.50
A well-trained workforce boosts profits
Profitability is generally good when productivity levels are high in most industries, and one of the long-recognised ways to ensure that productivity remains elevated is by upskilling the workforce through useful training courses. As mechanised operations become increasingly complex, and the smooth ...
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Lube Tip 7: Hydraulic Fluids on 26 February 2018, 11.20
Lube Tip 7: Hydraulic Fluids
Keep hydraulic fluids cool. (The bulk oil temperature at the exterior of the reservoir should never exceed 60°C). Keep hydraulic fluids clean. (There is general agreement among hydraulic experts that 75 - 80 per cent of hydraulic failures are caused by fluid contaminated with dirt, wear particles a...
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