Monday, 30 October 2017 08:55

Oil Sampling

Oil sampling is the most critical aspect of oil analysis. Errors in obtaining a representative sample impair all further oil analysis efforts. There are two primary goals in obtaining a representative oil sample:

Maximise Data Density - simply stated, samples should be taken in such a way that there is the most information per millilitre of oil possible. This information relates to such criteria as cleanliness and dryness of the oil, depletion of additives, and the presence of wear particles being generated by the machine. For instance, taking samples downstream of filters would be contrary to this sampling goal since the filter would effectively remove much of the data before it could get to the sample bottle.

Minimise Data Disturbance - Samples should be extracted in such a way that the concentration of information is uniform, consistent and unaltered by the sampling process. It is important to make sure that the sample does not become contaminated during the sampling process. This can distort the data, making it difficult to distinguish what was originally in the oil from what has come into the oil during the sampling process. For example, sampling oil with a dirty sample bottle can result in data disturbance (a false positive in this case).

[Extract from the book "Oil Analysis Basics” - Second Edition”, by The Noria Corporation (The book has many contributors)]

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 14:07

New location for WearCheck Cape Town

WearCheck Cape Town has relocated to 33 Prosperity Park, Computer Road, Sable Square, Century City in Cape Town.

Here, samples can be dropped off and kits purchased. Conveniently situated just metres away is one of WearCheck’s newest laboratories, which was acquired by the WearCheck family when they took over TCS (transformer chemistry services) recently.

WearCheck’s transformer maintenance division has now expanded to include dedicated transformer labs in KZN and Cape Town, and offers the full spectrum of transformer maintenance services.

WearCheck Cape Town can be contacted on landline (021) 001 2100 or via cell phone 082 381 3321

CT Pic

Pictured outside the new WearCheck Cape Town office in Century City is branch manager Quintin Ras (left) with
receptionist Jacqueline Henry and driver Hoosain Sydow.

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Thursday, 19 October 2017 13:14

Zapper arrives at WearCheck

WearCheck customers can now pay with the Zapper mobile application when purchasing any WearCheck products and services from the following branches - KZN, Gauteng, Middleburg and Cape Town.

Zapper is a free app which enables you to charge items to your credit card without having the credit card physically present at the transaction. Zapper is very secure, and works on any smart phone or device. Simply download the app, load in your credit card details and start zapping!

When presented with an invoice, you simply open the Zapper app, and scan the QR (quick reader) code located at the branch. The QR Code can also be emailed upfront to you, to allow you to process the payment before you arrange collection of your WearCheck products.

Once the user scans the QR code with their smart phone and approves the transaction and the amount, the money is debited directly off the user’s credit card. Zapper does not charge the user to use the app.

You will receive an email from Zapper confirming the transaction.


An example of a QR code:

scan this one (via the Zapper app) with your smart phone just for fun, it will take you to the WearCheck website.

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Monday, 16 October 2017 11:35

Dedicated for two decades

One of the things that makes WearCheck stand head and shoulders above its competitors is the people that work for the company, and the great rapport they have with our customers and with their colleagues.

This rapport is not developed overnight, but rather, it is nurtured and grown over time, and WearCheck is fortunate to have many dedicated team members who have worked for the company for long stretches of time.

HR manager Michelle Padayachee praised the long-serving staff members who have dedicated their energy to the company and applauded the loyalty of all long-serving staff members. ‘We appreciate your dedication and recognise your commitment to the company – thank you.’

Michelle noted several team members who have now been with WearCheck for two decades.


  • Managing director Neil Robinson has been at WearCheck for 20 years. He began his career with the company as a chemist in 1997, was promoted to lab manager in 1999 then technical manager in 2002. He has lead the company as MD for the past 12 years.
  • Field service customer support officer Isaac Mabaso has worked at WearCheck’s Johannesburg branch for 20 years
  • Laboratory assistant Shireen Brijlal has worked in WearCheck Pinetown’s lab for 20 years
  • Software support assistant Collin Naicker has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 20 years
  • Reliability solutions lead technician Eddie Pieterse, fondly known as “Eddie Senior”, has worked at this job for 20 years. Eddie was part of WearCheck’s ABB acquisition in 2012.
  • Credit supervisor Kay Pillay has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 20 years
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 09:42

Renewable energy

WearCheck recently conducted training courses for wind turbine manufacturers Nordex and Acciona at Cape Town’s SARATEC (South African Renewable Energy Centre) institution, focusing on wind energy and sustainable resources and how to maintain the equipment that harnesses these resources in peak operating condition.

SARATEC is the first national renewable energy technology centre in SA to offer specialised industry-related training for the entire renewable energy industry, and served as a venue for the WearCheck training courses.


03 saratec training 1 web

Pictured during wind turbine training at SARATEC are Steven Lumley (third from left) then Philip Schutte on her left and Ian Gray (far right). With them are some of the students who completed the course - Kunene Nhlakanipho, Noel De Rose and Elton White from Acciona.

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