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Lube Tip 6: Different loads need lubricants with different properties

There are different degrees of severity under which boundary lubrication conditions prevail. Some are only moderate, while others are extreme. Boundary conditions are met by a variety of special lubricants with properties corresponding to the severity of the particular application.

These properties are derived from various additives contained in the oil — some singly and some in combination with other additives. Their effect is to increase the load-carrying ability of the oil.

Where loads are only mildly severe, an additive of the class known as oiliness agents or film-strength additives is applicable. Worm-gear and pneumatic-tool lubricants are often fortified with these types of agents.

Where loads are moderately severe, anti-wear agents or mild EP additives are used. These additives are particularly desirable in hydraulic oils and engine oils.

For more heavily loaded parts, a more potent class of additives is required. These are called extreme pressure (EP) agents.

-From the book "Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities":

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