Tuesday, 22 March 2016 14:04

Technical Bulletin 62: Measuring and treating varnish formation in turbine oils

Varnish deposits can cause absolute havoc when they form in turbine oils, control valves and other machinery components, often leading to severe interruption to the smooth operation of the system.

Therefore, early detection of an oil’s varnish-forming potential is key to maintaining components operating at their optimum level. At WearCheck, we conduct a host of tests on turbine oil to measure its varnish-forming potential and also to determine the oil’s remaining useful life.

Once an oil is contaminated with varnish, the oil cannot simply be changed. The varnish must be removed properly, and the cause of the varnish formation identified, in order to prevent or minimise future varnish formation.

To learn more about measuring varnish-forming potential, effective ways to remove varnish, and how to identify the root cause of the varnish formation, please click here to view Technical Bulletin 62.