Coolant Analysis

It is estimated that between 40 and 60 per cent of today’s diesel engine failures are related to cooling system performance.
To avoid premature diesel engine failure it is important to use the best possible coolant and maintain it as close to its original performance level for as long as possible. Most cooling system problems and subsequent failures occur due to incorrect usage and maintenance practices.

The most common problem and effects seen in today’s cooling systems are:
Acid/alkalinity balance (corrosion)
Electrolytic corrosion (electrolysis)
Galvanic corrosion
Aeration (erosion)
Scale and deposit formation (blockages)
Cavitation erosion (liner pitting)
Additive loss

By extending the length of time the coolant is in the engine, the probability of these problems occurring increases and with increased coolant service life there is a need, more than ever, to evaluate the condition of the coolant at regular intervals.